M-Pesa Integrated Vending Machines

Our products are Unique! We apply the latest technology to ensure efficiency, accountability and reliability. With our vending machines, your clients can pay via M-Pesa and the machine will automatically dispense after payments  and upon successful verification on the user interface touchscreen.

Why choose Our Vending machines:

  • The customers can easily operate the machine and pay with M-Pesa even without an assistant(self service )
  • The payment mode  can be switched from M-Pesa to Cash  incase there is M-Pesa downtime or technical issues.
  • The owner of the machine  is able to track the transactions real-time remotely.
  • The machines can also be powered by  solar energy hence able to work in both on grid and off grid locations.
  • It is reliable and efficient. We offer top-notch after sale service and thus you can be guaranteed of smooth business.
  • The machine is modular in design and can be customized to business owner’s specific needs.
  • It is designed and assembled in Kenya by Simatech  hence guarantees customer support locally.