Solar systems Installation

Are you looking for solutions to your power problems, do you experience power outages frequently or you are looking for your freedom and independence when it comes to your domestic/commercial power needs?
Simatech Integrated solutions is able to address those challenges.  We design, install and commission solar systems that will address all your power needs such as  Tv, lighting , fridge, Ironing , water pumping, washing machine etc.
With our  hybrid solar systems, You will be able to power all your loads during the day directly from the sun while the excess goes to recharge your back up batteries for later use during the night. This preserves and prolongs the lifespan and increases the system performance, efficiency and reliability thus providing power for your use 24/7.
We design our systems with clients needs in mind.
All our systems are scalable in their design by considering future expansion with capability of handling more loads without changing the installed systems already in place. We only add more solar panels and batteries to ramp up the system capacity to optimum .